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Thank you for checking in on the latest happenings at your South Texas Food Bank!

The food bank works year round providing food to families and individuals in need in our South Texas community.  This is made possible through the support of generous foundations, businesses, and individuals like YOU!

When you support any of our fundraisers and campaigns, YOU help us advance our mission of feeding the hungry and improving the quality of life of those in need.


These are our upcoming events:

  • June 29 - Summer Health Fair @ South Texas Food Bank

Thank you for your support!


March 2022

August 2022

South Texas Food Bank’s Empty Bowls Returns

to the Sames Auto Arena


Food for the Mind is the South Texas Food Bank's official quarterly newsletter featuring the latest news and service updates.

Read our latest issue:


There are many great ways to support our mission of feeding the hungry thanks to the many community and business partnerships the food bank enjoys.

Visit our Promotions page to learn more about the current campaigns.

About the Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is the creative force behind the food bank's content, branding and fundraising development. 

The department is behind the branding, publicity,  PR activities, advertising, online presence, and fundraising activities, and handles the organization's communications. It supports and helps the different departments achieve the aims and objectives of the food bank.

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