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Clients in need of assistance can either be referred or go to one of our over 60 member agencies located throughout our eight county service area where they can receive food at least once a month.
Food for the pantry program comes from federal grants such as TEFAP, corporate food donations, private food donations,  food drives and monetary support such as the City of Laredo Third Party Fund grant.


About 65% of all the food we distribute passes through our agencies directly.

Agencies contribute a shared maintenance fee that can range between 0¢ to 18¢ per pound to offset the food bank’s cost of procuring, storing and distributing  these commodities.

Participants going to the pantries receive the food free of charge. 


Pantries and agencies are not allowed to sell or charge their clients for the food they receive from the food bank.

Please contact our agency relations coordinator if you were charged to receive food items from any of our member agencies.

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Please note that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some of our member agencies might not be currently active.


Please contact them before going over for assistance.

For more information:

Elia Solis, Agency Relations Coordinator

956-726-3120 Ext. 116


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