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There are many great ways to support our mission of feeding the hungry thanks to the many community and business partnerships the food bank enjoys.

You can help us out by participating in one of these great current campaigns benefiting your South Texas Food Bank:

Coinstar "Coins That Count"

Participants can donate to the South Texas Food Bank at a Coinstar machine by choosing the "donate" option from the onscreen menu, selecting the South Texas Food Bank and

depositing their coins in the machine.

Past Promotions

Fight Hunger. Spark Change. Storytelling Project

Through a series of interviews and visual documentation, we  weave a narrative that not only highlights the issues and systems that have contributed to hunger and food hardships during this crisis, but more importantly it will bring to light the faces of those whose lives continue to be impacted – from infants to senior citizens.

Read our stories.

For more information:

Angie Osterman,  Sr, Marketing Coordinator/Regional Marketing Liaison

Alex Carraman, Marketing Coordinator

Phone: (956) 726-3120 Ext. 117

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