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The South Texas Food Bank is an important component in disaster relief efforts in South Texas and surrounding areas.


As a first responder, the food bank works directly with local and state authorities in emergency management operations to provide immediate food, water, and other items to those directly affected by a disaster.

As part of the Feeding America and Feeding Texas networks, The South Texas Food Bank has an established partnership with businesses, nonprofit agencies, and other food banks that allows them to coordinate and quickly mobilize when disaster strikes.

Financial contributions, food donations and volunteerism help ensure the Food Bank is able to provide the necessary emergency assistance to those affected by disasters.

Past Emergency Relief Efforts:


Hydration Unit Mobile - SUMMER 2023

In response to the sweltering heatwave, the South Texas Food Bank has been distributing bottled water and light snacks in the streets and parks of downtown Laredo to help the community stay hydrated.

Important Notices for Emergency Distributions:

  • Please have an empty trunk or backseat.

  • Please provide protection for the area where your donations will be placed, whenever possible.

  • Due to the limited food availability, assistance is limited to no more than once a month so all our clients get a chance to receive assistance.

Please note that the food assistance is free of charge and on a voluntary basis, The South Texas Food Bank staff, volunteers and any of its partner affiliates will not be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle. As always, we encourage all attendees to drive safely at the distribution sites and protect the area where food donations will be placed. If you have any concerns, please contact the on-site distribution coordinator immediately.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.



Thank you to the following for their support of our relief-efforts:

For more information:

(956) 726-3120 Ext. 128

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