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Food Procurement

Donating product to the South Texas Food Bank

The South Texas Food Bank relies heavily on donations of product from corporate partners, retailers, local farmers and grocers. 


Food Rescue Programs:










Businesses of all types and sizes make an impact in our community by donating their products to our Food Rescue Program. 

How it benefits our clients
Donations of items due to surplus production, discontinuation, imperfect or underweight packaging, quality control and approaching expiration dates offer nutritious food to those in need. 

How it benefits YOU
Besides the great impact that your donation has on our food insecure clients, your donation also benefits your business through tax deductions, cost savings in warehousing and disposal charges for food that might otherwise be discarded.

Retail Donation Program
In an effort to save good food from going to waste, our food bank drivers and member agencies pick up from more various retail store locations across our eight-county service area. 

We can pick up dry, refrigerated, and frozen products, saving your business transportation and staff costs.

Please note that due to our limited staff and fleet, pick up availability is limited. Please call our Sourcing team at least 48-hours before (business days), when possible, to schedule a donation pickup. Also, please note that temperature-sensitive food items (I.e. meats) or items with a limited shelf-life (I.e. produce) will be prioritized.

Tax Deductions
Food donations are tax deductible for corporations, small businesses, farmers, ranchers and restaurants. If you made a donation and are in need of a receipt contact our Sourcing team.

The South Texas Food Bank adheres to the USDA and AIB Consolidated Standards for Food Safety. Please contact the sourcing team for more information. 


For more information or to schedule a pick-up:

726-3120 ext. 124, ext. 128,  ext. 134

Special thanks:


Lamar Bruni-Vergara Trust

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