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The South Texas Food Bank's Mobile Food Pantry offers convenience  to those who do not live close to the food bank, a food pantry, or in rural areas to get access to food .



The mobile food pantry will provide recipients with one bag of produce on a monthly basis at no charge at its distribution sites. 

To become a mobile food pantry recipient: 

  • Go to your nearest mobile food pantry distribution site and

  • Present a photo I.D. to get registered and receive supplement

Once you have been added to the mobile food pantry system, you will be given a barcode card, which will be scanned to receive future food products. 


In order to better serve our community, please be aware that not all distributions are the same.


Please note that some distribution are AREA-SPECIFIC and only open for residents who live in the area. This type of distribution requires either a photo I.D. or the assigned barcode card.



Distributions labeled as COMMUNITY-WIDE  are NOT area-specific and can be accessed by the general public. Photo I.D. or assigned barcode card are not required.


Please help us accomplish our mission by being observant and respectful of the above guidelines.

These guidelines are applicable throughout our eight-service county area. No exceptions.

The Mobile Food Pantry is a program of the South Texas Food Bank. All distribution, unless expressly noted otherwise, are done on behalf of the food bank and its supporters and not the hosting site.

Other Important Notices:

  • Please have an empty trunk or backseat.

  • Please provide protection for the area where your donations will be placed, whenever possible.

  • Wearing a mask is encouraged.

  • Due to the limited food availability, assistance is limited to no more than once a month so all our clients get a chance to receive assistance.

Please note that the food assistance is free of charge and on a voluntary basis, The South Texas Food Bank staff, volunteers and any of its partner affiliates will not be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle.


As always, we encourage all attendees to drive safely at the distribution sites and protect the area where food donations will be placed.


If you have any concerns, please contact the on-site distribution coordinator immediately.

Distribution Sites & Calendar


Our current available distribution sites are the following:

Fred and Anita Bruni Community Center

452 Rancho Penitas Rd, Laredo, TX 78045

Iglesia Senda de Gloria

La Presa Community Center

Santa Teresita Community Center 

15014 US-59, Laredo, TX 78044

Rio Bravo Community Center

1600 Orquidia Ln., Laredo, TX 78046

E. J. Salinas Community Center

917 N. Main St., Mirando City, TX 78369

Hebbronville Community Center

(Distribution dates and times vary.​ )



For more information on upcoming mobile pantry distributions, please contact our office at (956)726-3120

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Please note that schedules are subject to change due to unforeseeable circumstances.


Urgent questions? (956) 726-3120 Ext. 100



Questions or Concerns about the Mobile Food Pantry program:

Mobile Food Pantry Coordinator

(956) 726-3120 ext. 119

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