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If you are a hunter and would like to donate to this program through Feeding Texas, please click here.

Due to state and federal health regulations,
​Ranchers for the Hungry and Hunters for the Hungry is not able to accept donations of feral hog.

General Hunting Season for White-Tailed Deer Starts Nov.4.2023!

Hunters for the Hungry has provided over 10 million servings of venison to Texans in need. 


The Hunters for the Hungry program distributes donated deer through local food banks to help feed families. Hunters can donate legally harvested white-tailed deer or mule deer to a participating meat processor, who will work with Texas food banks to give healthy, lean meats to feed people in need. 


Partner processors prepare the venison for distribution through local food banks. Prior to each hunting season, partner processors will receive donation receipts, two-pound chub packs for donated venison, and promotional materials. Processors are reimbursed at a market rate that is negotiated in an annual Hunters for the Hungry agreement with the food bank.


Texans can get involved by …

  1. Signing up to be a processor: Become a participating processor by contacting your local food bank to sign up. Processors are reimbursed for their assistance.

  2. Donating their deer: You can donate your legally tagged, field-dressed whitetail or mule deer to participating meat processors, who will work with food banks for distribution.

  3. Donating funds directly: When you register for your hunting license, you can check the box to donate. These funds will directly fuel our efforts to distribute venison to local communities. You can make a contribution at any time at 


Find more information on the program, participating processors, and how to donate at 


General hunting season for white-tailed deer begins November 4. For a full list of hunting season dates, you can visit Texas Parks and Wildlife's website here: 


Other Ways:

  • Anyone can financially support the program with a monetary donation. All donations help Hunters for the Hungry promote their program and cover the costs of processing donated deer meat. Donate today!


If you are a hunter or rancher and are interested in donating or would like more information, please call Albert Garza, Director of Operations at 956-726-3120 or send him a message at:

Program Supervisor: Hugo Flores
Jim Hogg County Area: Leslie Benavides
Zapata County Area: Romeo Salinas

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