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In March 2020, through the generous funding from the Moody Foundation, initialized a new program designed to offer even more opportunities for at-risk youth within Webb County.

​Working in collaboration with Communities in Schools, the South Texas Food Bank is currently operating a program which through special invitation, assigned 20 different at-risk children based on their merit and opportunity to achieve, a spot in a special feeding program specifically designed to supplement their nutrition. 

Many at-risk families suffer from food-insecurity which in addition to other countless factors, reduce opportunities for the children to thrive, excel in school, graduate, and go onto college. Since vast amounts of research support the conclusion that a proper diet improves cognitive development, the South Texas Food Bank wanted to replicate the results locally by creating a program which offered hand-selected items designed to provide an edge on the nutrition that these kids receive.


The program provides a semi-monthly distribution which provides over 150 lbs. of protein, rice, beans, canned-goods, and a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables. Progress is tracked by closely monitoring their grades and absences. Since this program is ongoing, their spot in the program is guaranteed until graduation even if they transfer schools or districts in Webb County. 


For more information, contact: Francisco Reyes


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